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Sci-Pan Poems and Poetry dedicated to the Scientific and Naturalistic Pantheist philosophies and all other related Pantheism... 
Pantheism: A way of merging cold, hard science with a warm, natural spirituality.
God = Universe = Laws of Nature
Truth = Reality = Beauty

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Welcome to Relativistic Quantum Reality: Virtual worlds of imaginary particles: The dreams stuff is made of: Life, the eternal ghost in the machine...
This site is dedicated to the quest for knowledge and wisdom, through science, mathematics, philosophy, invention, and technology. 
May the treasures buried herein spark the fires of imagination like the twinkling jewels of celestial light crowning the midnight sky...

Quantum Mechanics is derivable from Special Relativity
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See SRQM - Online SR 4-Vector & Tensor Calculator
See Online Complex-capable RPN Scientific Calculator

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The Way of Natural Pantheism:

The Universe Infinite, with Nature Eternal, my God and Goddess,
The World, its Wonders Diverse, my Sacred Temple and Altars,
Science, the Name of my Religion,
Mathematics, the Foundation of my Faith,
Reason and Rationality, my Guide and Prophet,
Logic and the Laws of Physics, my Holy Scriptures,
The Body, the Mind, and the Spirit, my Holy Trinity,
Thought and Imagination, my Shrine and Sanctuary,
To Create, a Better World, my Path and Goal,
Achievement of Excellence, my Heaven,
Continual Improvement, my Quest,
The Good I have made and for all leave behind, my Afterlife,
The Divine Beauty of this Natural Pantheism, my Immortal Truth...

...and, that which no other belief-system provides...
Ample Empirical Evidence from Repeatable Experiment by Anyone, my Proof,
Accurate, Verifiable, Generic-Phenomena Prediction & Explanation, my Justification.

(inspired by the belief-system which actually makes sense!, and by Paul Harrison's excellent Pantheism website)
(those with mathematical knowledge should notice the summation...this poem will probably remain at the top since it explains the idea of this site...)
(basically, scientific-pantheism takes a scientific view of the meaning of religion, nature, the universe, etc.)
(it creates a naturalistic spirituality that expresses our relationship to the rest of the universe that is coherent with science)
(my idea of scientific-pantheist poetry: poems that expresses a certain reverence/awe/wonder for nature, the universe, life, intelligence, truth, etc.)
(also, I believe that such poems would promote: life, creativity, positiveness, thought, value, fairness, justice, manmade morality, etc.)
JBW 2003-Feb/Mar

The Eternal Champion's Prayer:

...Behold! Thy True Heroes,
Pioneers eternal, questing each,
'Twixt misty labyrinths of the mind,
And celestial Frontiers shining beyond...

'Tis Day, we give thanks to thee,
Who from Dream's vision-borne actions,
Doth bring the ardent torchlight of Humanity,
Summer's enkindling Fire, a brand,
For all who wish to behold.

'Tis Dawn, we give thanks to thee,
Who from Reason's flowering wings,
Doth bring the luminous tears of Knowledge,
Spring's enlightening Water, a brace,
For all who wish to drink.

Unified Diversity - Hope of the Paladin

'Tis Dusk, we give thanks to thee,
Who from Life-spirit's mortal desires,
Doth bring the deep harvest of Compassion,
Autumn's nurturing Earth, a balm,
For all who wish to taste.

'Tis Dark, we give thanks to thee,
Who from Nature's blazen'd leaves,
Doth bring the ethereal scents of Wisdom,
Winter's inspiring Air, a ballad,
For all who wish to breathe.

...With starry provision of Hope thus gained,
'Til the Paladin's mantle again is won,
Let us learn, wonder, and thrive,
Beholden, to True Heroes...

(inspired by the lack of my creed in a school's "prayer" book, dedicated to only beings truly worthy of praise)
(this is probably my favorite of all my poems, since I put a lot of time into it - there are lots of connections and multiple meanings)
(it will most likely remain at the top unless I come up with a better pantheistic one)
(this poem is also meant to be visual, think of a gyroscope...)
(the color wheel is meant to represent unified diversity, a single perfect circle made from all hues of the rainbow, which makes a complete cycle)
(continually flowing, experiencing, and returning back upon itself... just as the days and years of time)

JBW 2001-2003

Nature, my Eternal Lover:

My lover, beautiful, young and eternally true,
She caresses me, running windy fingers thru my hair, over my face,
Loving me always, yet caring not,
Ancient she is, but always renewing,
Thru the leaves she sings to my soul, faintly, deeply,
She weeps for me with heavenly tears that float on the wind,
Chilling, invigorating, the drops bite into my skin,
I stand alone, yet surrounded by her past loves,
They are gnarled and broken, as I will become,
But not yet, not yet,
She teases me, tempts me,
Golden shimmering fire reveals distant stony crags,
My destination, my never-ending journey,
The journey is my destination, ever on,
She teaches endurance, pain, truth…

JBW 2011-Aug

The Wanderer:

I don once more the wanderer's cloak/garb/guise,
Hat and staff, pack full again to the brim,
I seek that trail, that wondrous trail,
That rocky guide to nature's bounty/beauty,
Her burbling brooks, her singing crickets, her gentle breezes,
Autumn leaves rustle, the shifting wind ever my companion,
The earth pushes me up, gives invigorating purpose to my stride,
Waterfalls, crags, caves, hidden glens and meadows,
My feet seek first tracks,
There to tarry awhile,
Then vanish as a ghost once more,
The crystals along my path shine and cool moss glistens,
Morning dew, a gift of the night,
Stars shimmer and twinkle from their distant shores,
The clouds themselves run low to skim the mountain peaks,
And at times yield thunderous crash and crackling light,
The woods give beat to my heart, Rhythm to my pulse, Spring to my step,
Here I meet the King of the Forest, He meets my gaze, Unwavering,
And allows me the honor of continuing in his presence, to cross the trail,
The air, crisp and pine-scented, fills my body and mind,
Transforms my nature, I become a spirit of the woods, a force of nature,
There to lay in nature's arms, to hear the forest speak...

not finished - still working on it...
{inspiration from Wordsworth's "Nutting" & as I recently found out, from "Forest Runes" by Nessmuk - an ancestor of mine}

JBW 2010-Nov

Nature's Wondrous Beauty:

Lite Snow Gently Falls,
A Serene Moment of Grace,
Nature Smiles Sweetly.

{while hiking on Jan 18, 2009 (Sun's Day - Snow Moon), there was a very brief, about 1-2 minute light dusty snowfall during the morning hours}
{there had been periods of very lite sleet before, making a wonderful crinkly sound on the fallen leaves,}
{but the suddenly silent snowfall was very beautiful for the few minutes that it lasted...}
{it was definitely a moment for which the haiku was invented...}

JBW 2009-Jan


A light but gusty wind, tangling hair and caressing skin, a reminder of Nature's subtle power, stirs the gentle night.
In the distance, a speck, a giant, a gleaming white statue stands proud, eager, straining...
Faint clouds gather to witness the birth of a harvest-orange Moon, rising silently from rippling waters,
Echoing voices sing of wonder and promise, the countdown continues, glory is waiting...
The goddess Moon, rising inexorably, imperceptibly sheds her Autumn robes to reveal silver serenity,
Motion at the statue announces its purpose to unleash mighty forces in a contest with gravity,
Luna now casts a radiant web across the rippling waters, each wave reflecting her delicate essence.
A candle sparks in the distance, nay, a flare, nay, a new golden Sun rises, soon outpacing the Moon herself,
The ever present wind, tickling hair and tossing small waves, whispering to the entranced...
Is soon joined by thunderous rumbling - The fast rising Sun-Meteor announcing Ascension!
Faint cirrus clouds still float ethereally, lending their quiet magic to the night,
But joined now by a vertical blazed cloud path of technological might.
The eternal heavens still glimmer, beckoning, the Moon continues her stately rise, always graceful,
All giving welcome to a new Star, one made not by the gods, but by the descendents of their creators...

(Dedicated to the launch of Space Shuttle STS-126, Fri Nov 14, 2008)
(Thought about perhaps calling it "Convergent Ascension"...)
(Opposites converging to the same lofty destination via different paths)

JBW 2008-Dec

Various Haiku (2006):

Reason, rationality,
The path to knowledge.

To change a light-bulb,
Seems so simple a challenge,
The ways are countless.

Knowledge discovered,
Recorded or forgotten,
Fate thus decided.

World without meaning,
How does beauty conquer death,
Only one's purpose.

JBW 2006

The Smith:

To craft, as a gem born of earth,
A wonder as delicate and fragile as air,
Capturing the mystical nature of fire,
And the ethereal grace of flowing water,

To craft, that shining jewel for which,
The briefest instant with, far exceeds,
An unending eternity without,

To craft, that which only dreams may dare,
and enkindles awe and reverence from gods,

To craft, is the secret that gives meaning to life.

(The one thing that is guaranteed to bring happiness - something that comes from one's own soul)
(The one thing which cannot be tarnished or tainted - the act of creating something wonderful)
JBW 2006-May

A Pantheist's Ruba'iyat:

The questions, simple, the answers, unknown,
We seekers have life, but only on loan,
Why are we here, and why here as it is,
Few those who find truth, ere dust and dry bone.

Some claim a maker, a lord over all,
Pledge your life, kneel, or..., down shall the soul fall,
Never I've seen him, walking his garden,
Like wild forest trees, I choose to stand tall.

Angels and demons, thy forms are but Men,
Heaven found on Earth, with Hell as its twin,
Like life for us all, only Here and Now,
Naught lies beyond this, to lose or to win.

Opportunity, now what should we do,
No guidance from above, there's only you,
Place all hope in fictional afterlife,
Or discover this world, that which is true.

Wonders aplenty abound here and there,
Enlightenment waits, from toes to your hair,


Reality has rules, 'tis like a game,
Points for good play, credits go to your name,
It won't last forever, but it's great fun,
Till out through the door, gone, just like you came.

(I seem to go through phases of reading Omar Khayyam - The Ruba'iyat)
(...This is not finished...)
(inspired by reading The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam / Edward Fitzgerald 5th Ed.  / E.H. Whinfield)
JBW 2006-Apr

Ashes and Fire...:

A moon, mist veiled, haunts a greying, starless sky,
Wan light over ashes yet to be scattered,
A lone wanderer drifting amidst the ruins,
Drifting between temporary passions and lifeless beauty,
Only the fire of creativity gives meaning, and life,
To a world which imposes none...
Yet... this is the beauty of that world...
Each must find the riddle and solve it anew,
Among the din of chaos and fleeting temptations,
To discover the truth of life, its likeness terrifying to behold,
Or... beauty beyond compare...
That is the mystery...
For all will eventually be ashes...
Fathers and sons alike...
It is the fire, although it may be hidden,
That allows the moon to shine through the clouds...

(it's been about half a year since my father passed away (see "SwiftFox" below)- still having a hard time finding my inner voice..., this is a 1st attempt since then...)
(the inspiration was the moon that night - it really was almost hidden by a thick grey mist - no visible cloudiness, just a thick mist, like a layer of ash.)
(it was quite a different sensation than the moon in "Midnight Caress", or maybe I was just in a different state of being? a darker mood?)
(anyway, it's only the fact that it was a full moon that allowed it to be seen at all.  So, what is the source of that light? - the Sun of course, the fire...)
(that, tied in with the chaos of this last few months...  What did my Dad accomplish with his life, what do I want to accomplish with my life?...)
(everything living eventually ends in "ashes", so to speak, but it must be the fire that gives life any meaning at all...)
(Is it just a bunch of metaphor, or does it really mean anything at all? -- I still believe that each must create their own purpose, in easy or hard times...)
JBW 2006-Mar

Tonight, SwiftFox Travels...:

Tonight, I saw a Swift Fox traveling on the Road,
He tarried not long and was soon lost again to the Forest...

The autumn air was brisk and welcoming,
The near-full moon was shining and the stars were twinkling in a clear night sky,
The echo of my children's laughter from the day rings in my mind,
The memory of homemade ginger cookies lingers on my tongue,
The crickets still sing their ancient tune, this peaceful night,
The works of man and the beauty of nature still hold my awe, this fateful night ,

A good night for a Fox, long ago lost, to start a new journey...
Tonight, I closed my Father's eyes.

JBW 2005-Oct-15

A Midnight Caress:

The cool autumn breeze rustling my hair like a lover,
The leaves and crickets singing their ancient tune,
The night air laden with perfumed honey,
The moon, radiant, veiled by her ghostly clouds,
I feel your touch and my soul tingles with memory.

(Late one night I was outside my house, which is on a steep hill above a river, looking up at the moon, which was partially obscured by thin clouds and old tall trees.)
(The moon was giving them a pale glowing appearance. The cool wind was blowing the 1st leaves of autumn and the crickets were chirping.)
(It was a magical kind of night, on which only good things can happen, when everything around you radiates a refreshing sense of life.)
(I closed my eyes and felt a rush of good memories, causing my body to tingle.  This kind of sensual imagery can have a strong effect on me.)
JBW 2005-Sept

Solace in Kind:

To have found solace in a kindred spirit,
Though far distant in place and time,
Old scars are healed, with joy from new hurts,
Divine inspiration is found in a glance,
An understanding soul,
Unleashes the creative force,
Sets it free to race, and wander, and hold,
To return to children's wisdom,
And rediscover the realms of Wonder.

(Solace-Comfort in Distress, Inspiration is a wonderful thing...)
JBW 2005-Sept

Seeking Eternity in a Moment:

A moment unending is that which I seek,
An impossibility, a fantasy made real,
The wave-tossed scent of perfume flaxen,
The healing touch of soft on hard,
The life murmur of beating hearts,
Each longing the other, forbidden,
Each dancing away, desiring,
Deep blue oceans within to be lost,
Warm breath on my neck, I sink,
Swirling into the Ambrosia of that embrace,
To travel along the precipice, dare I jump,
Or just remain a dream, an elusive dream...

(metaphors for a Muse to unravel...)
JBW 2005-Sept

Beauty's Ephemeral Touch:

Youth Eternal does in Beauty's Keep reside,
A fair gift to bestow if or when She does decide,
The fleeting glance that is too soon outlived and lost,
But who can judge Her for that which has no price or cost,
Simply give thanks for however briefly She touched your soul,
Cry not as She wanders off  - to make another diamond from the coal.

(this is really unfinished - it needs to be polished more)
(I was thinking about what beauty really is)
JBW 2005-July

The Starlit Dancing Trees:

In nature's time, the trees dance to the windswept tune,
Revealing ancient patterns, the symphony and motion of life,
Caressed by starlight, the life-generating manna from heaven,
That radiates its warmth and music across the cosmic reaches.

JBW 2005-May

(during the weekend, I became awestruck watching a great tree swaying gently in the wind)
(thinking, how can such a heavy, giant tree be so moved by a mere wisp of a breeze)
(and realizing, that the flimsiest of material, new-green leaves could work in concert with the wind to move the entire tree)
(I imagined that the living Tree was dancing, moving to a tune that only it could understand...)
(Realize that it is starlight, the Sun being the closest star, that ultimately powers both the wind and the leaves of the trees)

The Purpose of Life:

What is the purpose of life?
Play hard,
Work smart,
Love that which is good & true,
Fight to make this world more beautiful,
Live by your own rules, making every day special,
Die with the knowledge that you accomplished something noble.

(just trying to pass on the bits of wisdom that I have picked up...)
(you only have one life - one chance - one ride on this precious world - live it well)
JBW 2005-Apr

Invocation from "The Book of Runes":

God within me, God without,
How shall I ever be in doubt?
There is no place where I may go
And not there see God's face, not know
I am God's vision and God's ears.
So through the harvest of my years
I am the Sower and the Sown,
God's Self unfolding and God's own.

(this is not my poem, but the Invocation from "The Book of Runes". It fits quite nicely with a pantheistic view of the Universe)
(in other words, God is the Universe, and the Universe God; We are all a part of the Universe, and therefore a part of God)
JBW 2005-Jan


Z befn kyrk Z ylex fe kyrk nzeujnvgk Kivv,
Ifuv kyviv wfi ezev vkvierc ezxykj,
Nfleuvu sp dp fne scruv,
Scffuzvu wfi kyv Rcc-Wrkyvi,
Dpjvcw druv re fwwvizex kf dpjvcw:
Sfleu yzxy kf kyrk Npiu-Kivv,
Kyrk ef dre befnj,
Nyzkyvi kyv iffkj fw zk ile.

Efev xrmv dv sivru,
Efi uizeb wifd kyv yfie,
Kyv vcvdvekj Z nvrkyvivu ze tptczt klie:
Ufne zekf kyv uvvgvjk uvgkyj Z gvvivu,
Lekzc dp xrqv trlxyk kyv Ilevj.
Nzky r ifrizex tip Z xirjgvu kyvd,
Kyve uzqqp reu wrzekzex, Z wvcc srtb,
Vrty Ilev nyzjgvizex fw kyv Npiu.

Nvcc-svzex Z nfe
Reu nzjufd kff,
Z xivn reu kffb afp ze dp xifnky:
Wifd r nfiu kf r nfiu
Z nrj cvu kf r nfiu,
Wifd r uvvu kf refkyvi uvvu.
'Kzc Z yru kirtvu kyv drxztb jld,
Kyv Ilezt yvrik fw kyrk yzuuve Kivv,

Wifd zkj cvrw-vuxvu kfg ufne kf zkj mvip iffk...

(inspired by, well - you have to figure it out - see the RuneQuest Cipher Challenge)
JBW 2004-Oct

Kryptos Unveiled:

Within a central hall of secrets found,
A hidden tomb of ancient kings stands bold,
Tis metal wave from tree of stone drawn forth,
A beam of light shall pass through glyphs of old,

Answers, virtually invisible,
Eluding the grasp of shadow forces,
But one with lucid memory shall find,
The way -- digital interpretation,
In lodestone's field, T is your position,

ReQuest compass, by CANDLE light the breach,
Can you see anything?, Look with Young eyes,
From X through Q, Ra's light will show the way,
That which was encrypted, let it be found.

(inspired by the quest to solve Kryptos)
JBW 2004-Feb/Mar

My Immortal Soul:

In the tender hands of careless fate rests my immortal soul,
Born of the crackling thunder of an ancient and ageless sky,
Glowing brilliantly as a lone shining raindrop, falling to earth,
There to embrace the swift mountain stream, flowing to sea,
To join, and be lost, in the rhythmic chorus of ocean thunder,
Sculpting memories of glorious flight upon the rocky coastlines.

(the poet Omar Khayyam got depressed, but was otherwise right...this is a pantheistic reply)
(we have only a short time in life, and after that, only other's memories of us shall remain, until all that we were is gradually forgotten...)

JBW 2004-Jan

Each Tiny Drop:

Raindrops, Nature's joyous tears, momentary crystals of silvery liquid, tiny mirrors of a cloud-grey sky.
Coated are the quiet buds, the fractal bumps and gnarls of tree limbs bare to an icy morning's caress.
The drops fall silently on smooth lake water, to join their former brethren, the pioneers of gravity's union.
Created are the echoes of time, ripples which travel, as if by sail, under slight direction of a whimsy breeze.
The falling beads sing a faint song, an ancient drumbeat, relating the mystery of Nature to a curious ear.
Carved of air, an autumn mist forms, the rain rising anew, to rejoin the dance from whence it was born.
Each tiny drop, highlighting the verdant green of pine and cedar needles.
Each tiny drop, full of the magic and wonder of life.
Each tiny drop, a simple promise of Nature's perfection.

(inspired by a beautiful, perfect rainy day at the lake, a very light rain creating magic on the water and trees...)
JBW 2003-Dec

Spiral of Life Interwoven:

     T        *      U           Y
         B       A                          H
                       L    I



(inspired by Kryptos, and the patterns hidden within all of Nature)
JBW 2003-Nov


The adventure of life is to learn.
The purpose of life is to grow.
The nature of life is to change.
The challenge of life is to overcome.
The essence of life is to care.
The opportunity of life is to experience.
The secret of life is to dare.
The spice of life is to befriend.
The beauty of life is to create.
The joy of life is to love.
The spirit of life is to be.

(my modification of a poem by William Arthur Ward, however it is mostly unchanged)
JBW 2003-Oct


Via flowing rivers of ethereal potential,
amidst galactic starways,
The dust of life wanders,
awaiting the geometric fire of chance.

(I don't know...just metaphors)
JBW 2003-Sep


Individual living being:
A dynamic biological soliton,
An incrementally changing molecular pattern,
Existing coherently as a simply connected, relativistic world-line,
An evolving network which maintains a certain degree of synergistic integrity,
A self-referential feedback-looped neural net encased in a carbon-based protein shell.

(inspired by some more scientific descriptions of life...)
(...or maybe just "Bucky-talk" see Buckminster Fuller-Synergetics  ;-)  )
JBW 2003-Jul


Senses alerted,
Phenomena observed,
Pattern noticed,
Mathematics consulted,
Structure modeled,
Implications forecast,
Novelty predicted,
Experiments performed,
Novelty discovered,
Pattern confirmed,
Knowledge scripted,
Physics founded,

(inspired by how science works, how something as fantastic as nature can be understood and modeled by math and physics)
JBW 2003-Jul

The Trinity Cycles:

Heart to Hand, I do give of Body,
Hand to Head, I do give of Mind,
Head to Heart, I do give of Spirit,
Each aspect essential and flowing,
The elemental trinity of humanity,
Creating wonder, I do give of Myself...
Admiring wonder, I receive of Myself...
The elemental trinity of humanity,
Each aspect essential and flowing,
Heart to Head, I receive of Spirit,
Head to Hand, I receive of Mind,
Hand to Heart, I receive of Body.

(I love word patterns and relations)
JBW 2003-Jun

Wonders to Behold:

Just a few of the rare and wonderful things that one may notice...

The twinkling stars of night's grand sky,
The golden rays of sunlight through trees,
The glowing moon mirrored on a lake,
The scent of pine in the forest mist,
The glittering auroras of the northern climes,
The leaves of autumn dancing on the wind,
The craggy face of a mountain's peak,
The crashing waves of the singing ocean,
The misty spray of a waterfall's drop,
The crystalline ripples of winter icicles,
The mesmerizing dance of the fire's flame,
The polished sands of a mountain beach,
The polished stones of a river's bed,
The clouds of a perfect fiery sunset,
The blazing force of a lighting strike,
The light rain on a warm summer night,
The warmth of the hearth in winter's grip,
The double arcs of a brilliant rainbow,
The hazy ice-bow around moon or sun,
The sparkle of fire in a well-cut gem,
The deep-frosted blue of an arctic iceberg,
The rush of wind across a planted field,
The mists of dawn rising from a hidden lake,
The silent dark of a deep-rooted cavern,
The view from a height, as the sun does see,
The calm scent of a candle during meditation,
The squeezed light of eclipse, solar or lunar,
The morning dew on a spider's web,
The living force of a tropical rainforest,
The infinite depth of a fractal's dimension,
The artistic wonder of natural symmetry,
The tingling rush of ecstasy and insight,
The perfumed scent of a botanical garden,
The awesome perfection of deep mathematics,
The fascinating wonder of natural illusion,
The chaotic dance of smoke's trail swirling,
The downy touch of a young animal's fur,
The spark of understanding in a infant's gaze,
The intense power of a massive thunderstorm,
The delicate flight of wisps on a playful breeze,
The happy unexpected result of years of work,
The great idea that was first discovered by you,
The ripples of rain on a lantern-lit lake,
The passionate kiss of a lover's sweet lips,
The perfect order of a well-kept oriental garden,
The dendrites of crystal frost grown on a window,
The everyday sounds of the living woods,
The music composed and played by a master,
The explanation of all things by the methods of science,
The fact that you are alive and wondering,
The exquisite joy when everything works out just right,
The smooth rush of an adrenaline high,
The music of a breeze playing with wind chimes,
The earthy roar of a rock laden river,
The elation of your child surpassing expectation,
The first moments of shared intimacy,
The vividness of a dream you just woke from,
The airy lightness of rainbow coated bubbles,
The calming mist of a hot sauna on a cold night,
The downy warmth of sunlight on chilled limbs,
The brisk autumn air in hungry lungs,
The scampering of a squirrel on too thin branches,
The delicious aroma of a just-peeled orange,
The subtleness of beauty frozen in time,
The realization that it's all very simple,

The works of mankind, that genius wrought,...
...and the rest of the natural universe, waiting to be found.

(inspired by...all of the above -- in no particular order for the most part -- and almost assuredly unfinished...)
JBW 2003-May--Oct

Song of the Blazen'd Leaves:

Leaves, wind strewn, blanket their precious mother earth,
Sentinels to another autumn come, and year soon gone,
They form half-poised in winter, laughing with gentle mirth,
Buds of exquisite suppleness emerging with spring's dawn,
They wave proudly full-grown, collecting the solar light,
Each scripting a fossil record in parchment's good trust,
Forgetting the bond of once mutual care, they take flight,
Their glorious colors shining briefly, then fading to dust,
Each reenacts nature's quiet lesson:
Of birth, and life, and death, finally.
Yet, the leaves may speak, to him who knows their tongue,
Listen, I will tell you of epic sagas, that each leaf has sung:
Their fractal patterns speak of distant ocean coastlines,
And the infinite realms between integer dimensions,
Their rustling breeze-dance, a concert of the greatest acoustic form,
Their fall to ground, the vectorial art of gravity and wind-borne aerodynamics,
Verdant photochemistry drives the their biologic energy cycles,
Hinting at stellar astrophysics and light's own star-core creation,
In heat and cold, sun and wind and rain, meteorology is daily queried,
As micro-structures all about control environmental thermodynamics,
Hydrodynamics flows life's-blood through veins and capillaries,
Quantum physics provides spectroscopic color of molecular combination,
Faint chemical markers abound that explain an ecological niche,
Trace mineral content forensically registers with the local geology,
Deep inside genetic codes exist, each cell holding algorithms of the entirety,
That did reproduce and play, to evolve a better leaf, and a better tree...
Till only this natural encyclopedia of scientific lore remains,
The successor of a billion years of adaptation, and father to more,
Each leaf sings aloud the writing of the universe,
To understand you must learn how to listen and read...

(unfinished, needs to be polished...)
(inspired by science, and all of its disciplines)
(I refute the cliché that knowing more about something removes the mystery, it only enhances and deepens the mystery)
(one might believe that a leaf can only repeat the story all creatures know: birth, life, death)
(but to one versed in science, the simple leaf is an awe-inspiring encyclopedia of knowledge, lore, and wonder...)
JBW 2003-May/Jul


You were yesterday born, you will tomorrow die,
'Twixt these twin poles, what paths will you try?
Some will choose wisely, and will happiness find,
Others will meander on the road that does wind.
Whatever you choose, herein lies sage advice,
Listen closely if you wish, or just throw the dice.
Or figure it out for yourself, for that is truly best,
But here are some gems, on which it all does rest.
If you can remember, remember past glories,
If you can think, think present dreams,
If you can imagine, imagine future victories,
If  you can see, see flawless beauty,
If you can hear, hear joyous laughter,
If you can smell, smell bewitching perfumes,
If you can taste, taste honeyed sweetness,
If you can feel, feel tender gentleness,
If you can speak, speak profound words,
If you can walk, walk seasoned miles,
If you can build, build crystalline castles,
There are so many paths, so many crossings in this world,
Select carefully amongst these, before your flag is furled.
The best that you can do, the most important to heed,
Give constant thought, the next line that you read:
If you can live, live as one who is fully, truthfully, alive!
For there is only one destination, to which we all drive.
Once that endpoint is reached, there is no turning back,
Choices made will be set, and the rest you'll forever lack...

(inspired by reading The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam / Edward Fitzgerald 5th Ed.  / E.H. Whinfield)
(this doesn't come close to Fitzgerald or Whinfield's eloquence, IMO, but this might be taken as my interpretation and advice... )
JBW 2003-May/Jun


Rainbow, rainbow, in the sky,
Why do you appear when the world does cry?
Could it be that as light and liquid play,
They create a spectrum to show the way?
With outside dimmed to the bright inside,
This natural splendor stands as a guide.
So when you find that you're naught but sad,
Find tranquility within and you'll be glad.
Rainbow, rainbow, in my soul,
To seek your colors shall be my goal...

(more or less set to the tune of Twinkle, twinkle, little star   :-) )
(inspired by, well, rainbows obviously - one of the most amazing phenomena ever, although I still want to see an aurora)
(I didn't realize it for a long time, but all rainbows are actually a set of two colored arcs, one bright and one very faint)
(The faint one is usually not seen, unless just the right conditions are present)
JBW 2003-May

Moment of Insight:

At the moment of insight,
Everything is clear,
And all is right,
And each thing is connected in Beauty,
A tingling rush at every hair and fiber,
This spark of ecstasy,
An instant that will be remembered,
When all else is forgot,
To feel totally alive,
In sympathy with the Universe,
For the Truth is revealed,
Reality speaks rarely,
Lucky the one who has heard.

(Those who have experienced such a moment know that words are but a pale description)
JBW 2003-May

Upon the Shoulders of Giants...Math from the Apple Tree:

/   *  \

Apple tree;
Here by thee,
Newton did find,
A flash in his mind.
A gravited apple fell,
It's blow rang his bell,
So from this great peak,
A bit of lore we will seek.
We will search for this key:
Does math come from a tree?
Apples are here for the taking,
Just plain, or maybe for baking.
So let's climb up to the branches,
Fast or slow, we take our chances,
Bite into one and feel the juices flow,
This is awesome, I'm starting to know,
That math is successful for any amount,
One, Two, Three..., that's how you Count.
Now, this apple is quite tasty, but let me see,
Addition helps out as I pick more from the tree.
But some friends show up, and they're hungry too;
I guess Subtraction will be useful, to feed these few.
Even more people show up, with more mouths to feed;
We can try Multiplication, by planting a bit of the seed.
But now everybody wants a share, what can we possibly do;
Division also will be needed, then we can feed the whole crew.
Wow, are these apples magic; they're growing way out of sight;
We will need Exponentiation, to count our way out of this plight.
Then we come to the stumbling block, where I can only stand mute,
Is the next one a Logarithm, or considering the above, is it the Root?

(watch out, that don't you stumble over that root too, or was it a log?!!   ;-)  )
(inspired by a healthy snack, Newton's famous Apple; isn't math fun!)
(BTW, for those that don't know, Newton basically invented Calculus and Newtonian Physics, after the whole apple incident)
( 1,2,3,..., Inc[] , Dec[] , + , - , * , / , ^ , Log[] , Root[])
(Counting is repeated Increment/Successor: x=Inc[a], the inverse gives Decrement/Predecessor: a=Dec[x])
(Addition is repeated Counting: x=Incb[a]=a+b, the inverse gives Subtraction: a=x-b , b=x-a)
(Multiplication is repeated Addition: x=Sumb[a]=a*b, the inverse gives Division: a=x/b , b=x/a)
(Exponentiation is repeated Multiplication: x=Prodb[a]=a^b, it has two inverses, Log and Root: a=Rootb[x] , b=Loga[x])
JBW 2003-May/Jul

Rune Storm of Asgard:

From yon distant crags hear the gods of battle clash,
And beyond the fjords the vaulted heavens flash.
Then as hurricane winds strike and sunder trees,
A stout Viking warrior is felled to the knees.
He regains his stance, but the world's as a tomb;
Have the Norns of fate come to cast his doom?
A midnight stallion thunders 'cross the sky;
"To Sword! Hel is loosed, Ragnarok is nigh"!
The dark-cloaked herald bears the runes of dread,
As Thor's eager lightning tears dark clouds to red.
The warrior dares not meet the haunted rider's eyes,
For Heimdall has seen armies of death on the rise.
The starry dome is for long moments coated in blood,
And the rain-swept plain has become a river in flood.
The ancient ash-tree explodes in grisly flame-fury;
A heart in the grip of ice now beats in frantic hurry.
It's as if the time of man and earth has come to an end,
As torrents of deadly hail raze those unable to fend.
The ghostly horse races onward, as pursued by wolves,
And Midgard itself trembles under its beating hooves...

But, as the forces of war depart from a sky cloud-torn,
A faint quiver of locked-away hope shines newly-born.
Odin's dire storm raged far and wide, its magic now spent,
And bare life emerges from the ground that was rent.
A verdant sprig of elven green stands, Nature thus to show,
Victory on yet another morn, under the Valkyrie's rainbow...

(inspired by some awesome storms I've seen; just wanted to stir up some tremulous emotions)
(trying to recreate the sensations in this literary storm by mixing in a little Norse mythology)
(of course, I just can't believe that entropy will win, there's always a rainbow if you look hard enough or wait long enough)
JBW 2003-May

Search Engine:

On what search-engine can we all true rely,
Give the time-honored scientific-method a try.
Listen and learn to all it will say,
And you will be building the future today.

(just playing...)
JBW 2003-Apr/May  :-)

The Presence:

Once, a creature wandered lost and alone in the great Wilderness,
And there came upon a wondrous Presence, and knew,
That here was a Being encompassing all things.
And the creature spoke thusly...

Oh Lord, are you my Lord?
And the Presence spoke thusly:
As much as you are Mine, I am yours.

Oh Lord, how is it I speak to You?
You have never spoken to Me before, till now,
Yet you have spoken to Me with every breath of your Life.

Oh Lord, how shall I call You?
I have many names, more names than there are languages,
But they are only names, call Me as you will.

Oh Lord, how shall I please You?
You are as much pleasing to Me as I am pleasing to you.
When you feel harmony in your life, I feel your harmony as well.

Oh Lord, who are You?
I am the solid air, the flame in water, the ether in earth, and the ocean's fire.
I am everything, and nothing. I am your reflection, just as you are Mine.

Oh Lord, where are You?
I am everywhere and nowhere always. I am here with you now.
I am all that was, is, and will be, and you are of Me as well.

Oh Lord, do the holy ones know You?
Indeed, the wisest are the holiest, and they know but a part of Me.
However, many there are that claim to know Me, but know Me not.

Oh Lord, how may I know You?
Learn, it is simple. Open your eyes, ask Me your questions, and read My answers.
I answer to all who ask rightly, and grant more questions in return. Learn My Truth.

Oh Lord, how shall I know the Truth?
The Truth is that which endures all doubts and all questions. The Truth does not lie, or pretend, give false hope, or illusions.
The Truth does not say "believe" or "have faith", the Truth says "question My Reality, I will answer".

Oh Lord, how shall I know Reality?
Reality is all about, and all beings find Me eventually; some sooner, some later.
Those living that seek this Truth will find it in Beauty, but the Truth will try them as well. Seek bravely.

Oh Lord, I find mathematics very beautiful...
Then you are on the right path, for mathematics is a language and art that is dear to Me.
The study of logic and number is an excellent start for your journey. It is the foundation of science.

Oh Lord, I find science very beautiful as well...
Science is a book full of wondrous knowledge, which can create and destroy. It seeks my Truth and follows my Reality..
Many have consulted Me to fill in those pages. Use the book of science wisely, and it will serve you well.

Oh Lord, will I find You again?
You may find Me when you find yourself lost in Beauty and Truth,
For all paths in this Wilderness lead through Me, for I am the Reality.

...and with that, the Presence expanded and departed, leaving yet remaining,
The creature, still lost but hopeful, smiled and continued wandering through the great Wilderness.

(inspired by various religious topics on radio, discussion groups, pondering on life, etc.)
JBW 2003-Apr/May

Mother Nature, Father Technology:

Mother Nature, Father Technology,
What lessons of life would you teach to me?
I give you form, my child, that you may walk,
I give you sight, my child, that you may see.

Twin aspects of the greatest unity,
We give to our children this prophecy,
The living will find their ways in this world,
The wise will create their heaven as we.

Light from earth's rainbow, flower, and crystal,
Mix a spectrum of art elemental,
Sound from earth's breathing, water, and thunder,
Blend a song of spirit transcendental.

'Tis not one of nature and one of man,
But one eternal, and one force élan,
All living creatures shall dance with this pair,
Wonders shall be born of this caravan.

Bee buzzes round his hexagonal home,
Spider weaves downy webs of silken chrome,
Bird knits a sturdy nest of leaves and twigs,
Beaver builds great dams around his log dome.

All told, lord man won the ultimate prize,
Creative genius inside of him vies,
Born of nature and seeing the pattern,
He invents and learns with all that he tries.

Mother Nature, Father Technology,
What lessons of life did you teach to me?
I gave you form, my child, that you could walk,
I gave you sight, my child, that you could see.

(inspired by the catchy name of a website I visited, something about Father Technology: an obvious extension from Mother Nature)
(both forces give power to humanity to create goodness in this world)
(the quatrain structure inspired by The Ruba'iyat of Omar Khayyam/Edward Fitzgerald)
JBW 2003-Apr/May

Various Haiku (2003):

Three lines you must write,
Five, seven, five, and that's it,
Great haiku thus formed.
Then add metaphor,
Ambiguity, or rhyme,
Sweet pleasure in time.     
     (although technically haiku are unrhymed, but rules are made to be broken ;-)  )

Aristotle said,
Earth, water, air, and fire:,
The four elements...
Not far from the truth,
Solid, liquid, gas, plasma:,
The states of matter...
But, Nature has more,
The Bose-Einstein condensate,
Is yet another...
...And lest we forget,
The galaxy creators,
Gravity's black holes.

Purpose un-given,
Drift, wander, set sails to wind,
That choice is thine own.

If paradox found,
Do not worry for the world,
Assumption is flawed.

Dark times for each soul,
Reality knows the way,
To forge perfect blades.

You should have known this,
If you're playing with fire,
Expect to get burned.

Perfect circle shines,
The symbol of harmony,
Journey ongoing.

Youthful energy,
Focused totally on play,
Universe smiling.

Ripples on water,
Essence of liquid silver,
Timeless poetry.

When changing program,
Delete lines at your peril,
Always remark first.

Quietly I wait,
For inspiration's visit,
Will it come today?

Don't like your choice made?
Remember the consequence,
Next chance, choose other.

Fortunate is he,
Given chance to battle Death,
Life lived, Victory!

Sea of good fortune,
To he that sees and seizes,

DNA, life code,
Nature's own four-bit language,
Let us learn to speak.

Universe ponders:
How to prove its existence?
Evolve a Human.
Human ponders too:
How to prove his existence?
Consult Universe.

Each fair realm of math,
Predicts another one beyond,
Thank you to Gödel.

Poor the blinded soul,
Thinks paradise through death's door,
Life lived is heaven.
Worse the blinding soul,
Forcing belief on others,
Choosing not to think.

Precious few moments,
Are the allotment of life,
How will you spend yours?

Flower Undying,
Wonder of art to behold ,
Origami rose.

Think you are finished?
Perfection is beyond reach,
Always improvement...

Shall I live in fear...,
Doubt and worry gnawing..., Ha!
Throw it to the wind.
Climb the rocky face,
Look down at your death and laugh,
Smart people made rope.
Irrational fear!
Conquer it or be conquered,
Reason is power.
Live boldly and true,
Fight and experience joy,
Leave angst to the grave.
If you live as else,
Preach your god' swill not to me,
Use brains; Get a life!

Look not far away,
Paradise is all about,
Just open your mind.

From air I grasp truths,
Noble thoughts to lay in verse,
Words spoken before.

Why am I here, now?
What is the meaning of life?
Make your own answer.
Do you want better?
Life is that which you give it,
Live brave..., live true..., Live!

The me that is, sleeps,
In a dream reality,
Was I that wakes, he?

Alone I ponder,
Gazing through flickering flames,
Distant realms are near.

Far traveled star-light,
A light load on as light feet,
To thine eye to light.

Program doing what?
Exactly as you told it,
It doesn't read minds.

Your child held closely,
She looks at you with a smile,
No better moment.

Fractals dance around,
The screen, random, glittering,
Mathematics alive!
(see FractalOrigami)

A small candle burns,
Enough to push back night's dark,
Now I read my book.

A-ha! comes Insight,
A rush of joy and delight,
A gift in the night.

Wind from mountain's peak,
Rustling briskly hair, and leaves,
Whispering wisdom.

This sentence is false,
If true, then false; if false, true,
Circular reference.
Start reading right here,
Follow the poem a bit more,
Go back to the start...
This line is false, too,
Hold it just a minute there,
Who's writing this stuff?

(inspired originally by haiku written by my friend, Bill Passmore)
JBW 2003

Haiku of the Mystic Numbers:

Zero, the center,
Symbol of nothing, yet more,
Granter of balance.

One, the first to count,
Unit by which all measure,
It will describe truth.

Two, the yin and yang,
Members of duets and duels,
Computer logic.

Three, supports aligned,
Significant for structure,
Rigid triangle.

Four, the dimension,
Of space and time united,

Five, the sign of Man,
Digits or tally marks grouped,
The rays of a star.

Six, magic value,
Carbon chemistry of life,
First perfect number.

Seven, humans play,
Musical notes, A through G,
Luck in pair o' dice.

Eight, serious math,
Octonions are the last,
to follow nice rules.

Nine, the last digit,
Days and nights on Yggdrasil,
The count of all realms.

Ten, most mystical,
Poincaré, conservation,
Fearful symmetry.


Infinity, end,
The universal wholeness,
Uncountable all.


i, imaginary,
Complex number discovered,
Elegant technique.

π, the circle's sign,
Perfection equidistant,
Endless decimal.

e, natural growth,
e 2 π i = 1,
Math: Truth is Beauty.

(dedicated to the only real knowable truth, and inspired by my friend, Tony Smith, who loves serious math)
JBW 2003-Apr,2022-Dec

Presto:  (#Midi#)

"I am made from the dust of the stars,
And the oceans flow in my veins..."
Thoughts rise up in the evening of my mind,
Like a million constellations of light,
No stranger to the mystic garden of this world,
From the open waters of blue to the shining cities of silver,
I come out from the heart of this Nature, looking away out to see,
Swimming and seeking so deep, through its air of endless mystery,
When my heart makes rendezvous on spirit's wings of careless flight,
In just sympathy with the blazing desert sun and arctic winter rain,
As a star-born elemental and creator of joyous wonder,
From illusion of dream to steel force of reality,
I will touch this Universe, my home and birthright,
Radiating heat to its once frozen silence,
And light to its midnight hidden reaches,
For I am Solimani rising, master of this realm...

Can't you see, what I'm doing tonight,
It is a noble quest of one with the power,
To set everybody free..., it can be done,
For truly, I'm one to believe in magic...
Though never more as a harmless fool,
Only my memory has a second-sight.

Just ask me, from the plain runway,
Of a simple tool in my fingers,
Pointing with a sense of proportion,
And by tempered changes overnight,
I will wave my "magic wand",
And make everything all right...

(inspired by the lyrics and music of Rush, my "improvising" of the title-song of the Presto album)
(obviously, this arrangement doesn't fit the song melody, but you can read it as a poem instead)
(I was trying to take the lyrics in a different direction from the original, but constraining it to many of the same wordings)
(of course, there is some, shall we say, "poetic license" taken; the result is a bit forced, but it's not far from where I want it to be...)
JBW 2003-Apr

The Path of Knowledge and Wisdom:

To Seek Truth: That anything is possible one must believe,
To Avoid Falsity: Its measure of doubt give to each and all,
The Path of Knowledge rests in the balance of these.

To Seek Good: With your power be creative and productive,
To Avoid Evil: For your actions be responsible and accountable,
The Path of Wisdom rests in the balance of these.

(harmony/balance seems very important to me...)
JBW 2003-Mar

On the Day of my Death:

On the day of my death, I will see no angel or god,
Nor spirit to carry me away, I will simply cease to be.
Do I regret or feel alone? No, for I am a human being,
A part of the noble Universe, That surrounds us all.

On that fateful date, My heart and blood will stop,
My thoughts will cease, My body will be finished.
My atoms and the elements, That make me as I am,
Will part to go their ways, To form again something new.

All that will remain of me, Are the works that I have made,
The ideas that I wrote, my children, And their descendents.
This is enough to give me hope, I need not a Lord to take me,
Nor another to comfort me, For I was special enough.

I lived well and true and bold, Fought for what was right,
Made good of the life I had, And was joyful of that.
Farewell to all I leave behind, Cry not of my passing,
I will not see you again, Simply remember my moment alive.

(not exactly sure what inspired this...but I think it came out well)
(perhaps it is a foreboding concerning my father...  long story, don't ask...)
(dedicated to my Father, 4 Sept 1938 -- 15 Oct 2005)
JBW 2003-Mar

Time Lines:

Past lives gloriously on with my memory.
I experience vividly Present with my senses.
With my imagination I wondrously visit Future.

JBW 2003-Mar

Miracle of the Universe:

Photons race, Nuclei condense,
Stars born and dead, supernova dust,
Elements emerge, Chemicals coalesce,
Organic compounds bathe in sunlight,
A Life awakes, a miracle of the Universe,

Cells wander, fight, conquer, and fade,
Others join forces, symbiosis and sex,
Multi-celled organisms alive in the world,
All senses alert and neurons stimulated,
A Mind awakes, a miracle of the Universe,

Creatures swim, walk, and fly in the world,
Awareness of else, and reaction thereto,
Awareness of self, and action therefrom,
Tools, counting, language, memory,
A Sentience awakes, a miracle of the Universe,

Intelligence gives thought to its form,
Rejoices in the wonder of beauty and truth,
What is the secret..., what is the game...,
Random chance and natural selection,
Simple Evolution, a miracle of the Universe.

(dedicated to all evolutionists, inspired to refute the irrational creationists)
JBW 2003-Feb


Wind does play upon these chimes,
Weaving patterns of joyous delight,
Subtle breeze, a light caress,
I feel the rhythm of your nature,
In the mystic echo of my heart.

JBW 2003-Feb


Raindrops sing upon my roof,
Chanting tales of days gone by;
With such comfort upon my bed,
I dream of things that are yet to be...

JBW 2003-Feb

A Random Glance:

From random glance,
To skyward gaze evolved,
Ancient fires from afar do beckon,
Nightly whispering mystery eternal.

To heaven swiftly youthful spirit ascends,
From this body aged and weather-worn,
Starry pathways mind anew does travel,
Earthly woes once more forgotten.

(inspired by the night sky and play on "random chance")
(dedicated to the memory of the crews of the Challenger & the Columbia, and all those who reach for the stars)
(may their brave spirits and wondrous achievements lead the way to the future)
JBW 2003-Feb/Mar

Virtues Redefined:

Knowledge of the Universe is my Capital;
Reason is the Root of my Faith;
Love is my Foundation;
Enthusiasm is my Horse;
Memory is my Friend;
Fairness is my Treasure;
Serenity is my Companion;
Science is my Arm and Armor;
Patience is my Mantle;
Curiosity is my Booty;
Achievement is my Pride;
Dedication is my Art;
Conviction is my Power;
Truth is my Redeemer;
Self-Control is my Sufficiency;
Striving is my Manner;
And my Pleasure is in my Thoughts and Deeds.

(my modification of a poem attributed to Mohammed)
JBW 2003-Jan

It Just Takes a Spark...:

In a spark, a spontaneous moment, life emerged from the crashing waves of the universal ocean.

(was intending to finish it sometime, but it stands well alone...)
JBW 2002

( I seem to have taken about a decade break here...
   :-)   Guess I was busy with something else?... )

A Knight Questing:

A lone ghostly Traveller, lost in a World cold and dark,
Seeking Truth, unguided by friendly hand or Ancient Wisdom,
Once happened upon a Fire, warm, and bright, and Kind,
And the void in a Soul, hopeless and wandering, was filled;
For a time, the Traveller basked in the Light of a Smile,
But awoke one morn to find the Fire fled, away to the Sky;
Saddened, the Traveller continued along the Road, unburdened,
For, though cold and darkness sought the Path once more,
The Fairie Fire, the Vision, had leapt upward to become a Star,
A Guide, to Light the Road, a Celestial Memory, a Friend;
Though a Ghost once more, the Traveller was no longer haunted,
And reached out often to touch the Star along the Journey.

a Knight Questing...

(dedicated to a Muse, inspiration for all... wherever you are; may you find truth on your journey...)
(the Knight's Soul is perhaps not so "hopeless" anymore, as age, scar tissue, and self-understanding dim the pangs of reality's hurts)
(but most of the poem still applies)
JBW 1992

Gleaming Motes of Light:

Gleaming motes of light in the infinite dark expanse; home to the
immortal Phoenix, firebird born from dying ashes; bright coals,
creating rainbow-hued dancing flames; rippling upon star-lit
roaring waves; thunderous storms sprinkling life; cascading over
mountain falls; birthing the chromatic arc in the forest mist;
cool, brisk, Autumn breeze; fiery leaves swirling; breath of the
Earth, fleeting wisps over omnipotent solidness; deep, powerful,
the ancient hearthstone; glowing in eternal midnight; dripping with
gleaming motes of light in the infinite dark expanse...

(my first really thought-out poem...still one of my favorites - a visual/sensual journey!)
JBW 1988-1991?

Comments/Criticisms are welcome!

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a poem of

when the birds
are flying in
the sky flowers
are growing
and hear kids
swimming in
the pool
and the
rays of the

MSW 2003-Mar

my family loves each other

I love to read,
I love to write,
but most of all,
I love to see you in sight,
because I love you,
and you love me,
and my family,
we love each other very much.

MSW 2003-May
(poems by my daughter Melike, 1st grade)

My Dad

I have a father
Who is a computer nerd
But rides a sport bike.

MSW 2008-Dec (7th grade)

(Here are a few haiku by my friend Bill, describing my family and me...)

pizza and good friends
we're powerless to say no
shall we bring cold beer

happy physicists
of what do they dream each night
quarks...or smokeless oil

space music, puzzles
friendly, funny, faithful friends
these are the Wilsons

slim inquisitor
what puzzle will he pose next
"describe dark matter?"

Bill Passmore 3/11/03

One that touched my heart...

Spark Set Ablaze:

I will be your moon that patiently glows in the dark of night, so you may always find your way home.

Twinkling brilliantly like a galaxy ofstars, I will make your eyes dance and your heart laugh with wonder.

Like the glorious sun, I will warmyour soul and give you rise to a new dawning each the spark within you grows into a radiant light.

Now know and bring forth all that is beautiful, soulmate, and set the world ablaze with the wonder that is you.


(And here are a few nice ones to sort of summarize the point of life...)


That Man is a Success
Who has lived well,
laughed often and loved much;
Who has gained the respect of intelligent men
and the love of children;
Who has filled his niche
and accomplished his task;
Who leaves the world better than he found it,
whether by improved poppy, a perfect poem,
or a rescued soul;
Who never lacked appreciation of earth's beauty
or failed to express it.
Who looked for the best in others
and gave the best he had. 

by Robert Louis Stevenson)
(or perhaps Bessie Anderson Stanley)
(or maybe Ralph Waldo Emerson)
(or maybe some Egyptian from the 24th century BC)
(but research indicates probably Bessie Stanley... 

To live content with small means;
To seek elegance rather than luxury,
To be worthy, not respectable, and wealthy, not rich;
To study hard, think quietly, talk gently, act frankly;
To listen to stars and birds, to babes and sages, with an open heart;
To bear all cheerfully, do all bravely, await occasions, hurry never.
In a word, to let the spiritual, unbidden and unconscious,
    grow up through the commonplace.
This to be my symphony.

(by William Henry Channing (1810-1884) who, like Emerson, was also a Transcendentalist.)


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Ambigram Quantum Relativity

See SRQM: QM from SR - The 4-Vector RoadMap (.html)
See SRQM: QM from SR - The 4-Vector RoadMap (.pdf)

SRQM Physics Diagramming Method
SRQM Physics Diagramming Method

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram

SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram
SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram

SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram With Tensor Invariants
SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector and Lorentz Scalar Diagram With Tensor Invariants

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Stress-Energy & Projection Tensors Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Stress-Energy & Projection Tensors Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap

SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap
SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap

SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap - Simple
SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SR Quantum RoadMap-Simple

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm

SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm (with EM)
SRQM + EM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm (with EM)

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm - Venn Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector New Relativistic Quantum Paradigm - Venn Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SpaceTime is 4D
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SpaceTime is 4D

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SpaceTime Orthogonality
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector SpaceTime Orthogonality

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Position, 4-Velocity, 4-Acceleration Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Position, 4-Velocity, 4-Acceleration Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Displacement, 4-Velocity, Relativity of Simultaneity Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Displacement, 4-Velocity, Relativity of Simultaneity Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Velocity, 4-Gradient, Time Dilation Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Velocity, 4-Gradient, Time Dilation Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Vector, 4-Velocity, 4-Momentum, E=mc^2 Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Vector, 4-Velocity, 4-Momentum, E=mc^2 Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Velocity, 4-WaveVector, Relativistic Doppler Effect Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector 4-Velocity, 4-WaveVector, Relativistic Doppler Effect Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Wave-Particle Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Wave-Particle Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Compton Effect Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Compton Effect Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Aharonov-Bohm Effect Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Aharonov-Bohm Effect Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Josephson Junction Effect Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Josephson Junction Effect Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Hamilton-Jacobi vs Action, Josephson vs Aharonov-Bohm Diagram
Four-Vector Hamilton-Jacobi vs Action, Josephson vs Aharonov-Bohm Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Motion of Lorentz Scalar Invariants
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Motion of Lorentz Scalar Invariants

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Motion of Lorentz Scalar Invariants, Conservation Laws & Continuity Equations
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Motion of Lorentz Scalar Invariants, Conservation Laws & Continuity Equations

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Speed of Light (c)
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Speed of Light (c)

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Minimal Coupling Conservation of 4-TotalMomentum)
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Minimal Coupling Conservation of 4-TotalMomentum

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Action (S) Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Action (S) Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Lagrangian Hamiltonian Diagram
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Lagrangian Hamiltonian Diagram

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Euler-Lagrange Equation
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic Euler-Lagrange Equation

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic EM Equations of Motion
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Relativistic EM Equations of Motion

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Einstein-de Broglie Relation hbar
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Einstein-de Broglie Relation hbar

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Quantum Canonical Commutation Relation
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Quantum Canonical Commutation Relation

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector QM Schroedinger Relation
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector QM Schroedinger Relation

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Quantum Probability
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Quantum Probability

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector CPT Theorem
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector CPT Theorem

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Transforms Connection Map
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Transforms Connection Map

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Discrete Transforms
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Discrete Transforms

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Transforms - Trace Identification
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Transforms - Trace Identification

SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Lorentz Transforms-Interpretations
CPT Symmetry, Baryon Asymmetry Problem Solution, Matter-Antimatter Symmetry Solution, Arrow-of-Time Problem Solution, Big-Bang!
SRQM 4-Vector : Four-Vector Lorentz Transforms-Interpretations, CPT Symmetry, Baryon Asymmetry Problem Solution, Matter-Antimatter Symmetry Solution, Arrow-of-Time Problem Solution, Big-Bang!

See SRQM: QM from SR - The 4-Vector RoadMap (.html)
See SRQM: QM from SR - The 4-Vector RoadMap (.pdf)

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Quantum Mechanics is derivable from Special Relativity
See SRQM - QM from SR - Simple RoadMap (.html)
See SRQM - QM from SR - Simple RoadMap (.pdf)