"Cool Places" on Earth visible from satellites in space...

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Castles & Palaces:

[Rumeli Hisar Fortress – Bosphorous Strait - Istanbul, Turkey - very well preserved]

[Topkapi Palace - Istanbul, Turkey]

[Yedi Kule – “7 Towers” Fortress- Istanbul, Turkey]

[Fortress just outside St. Peters??, Rome]

[The Louvre Museum, Paris, France - note the Glass Pyramid]

[Gold domed palace in Paris, France near Eiffel Tower]

[Forbidden City (Palace Museum), World's Largest Palace Complex, Beijing, China]

[Tiananmen Square (Gate of Heavenly Peace), Beijing, China]

[Buckingham Palace, World's largest "working" Royal Palace, London, England]

[Windsor Castle, World's Largest Inhabited Castle & Oldest in continuous operation, Windsor, England]

[Prague Castle - supposedly the World's largest Castle - I can't tell from this...]

[Royal Palace of Madrid, Largest Palace in Western Europe, Madrid, Spain]

[Stockholm Palace, Stockholm, Sweden]

[Palace of Versailles, Versailles, France]

[Schönbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria]

Churches, Temples, Mosques:

[Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey]

[Hagia Sophia Church - Istanbul, Turkey]

[Washington National Cathedral, Washington DC]

[St. Peters Basilica, The Vatican??]

Other Ancient Buildings/Sites:

[Ankgor Wat, Cambodia]

[The Coliseum, Rome, Italy]

[Mont St Michel, Small Fortress Island just off the coast, France ]

[The Great Pyramid @ Giza, Egypt]

[The Sphinx - near the Great Pyramid]

[Pyramid w/ ramp to Nile, Egypt]

[Djoser's Step Pyramid??, Saqqara, Egypt]

[An Egyptian pyramid, Egypt]

[Another Egyptian pyramid, Egypt]

[Parthenon & Acropolis - Athens, Greece]


[CN Tower, Toronto, Canada – tallest freestanding]

[Empire State Building, Manhattan, NY]

[Petronis Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]

[Sears Tower, Chicago, IL]

[Taipei 101 - at time of webpage the worlds tallest building, Taipei, Taiwan - check out the shadow!]


[Charlotte Coliseum, Charlotte, NC]

[Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA]

[Fantasy Entertainment Complex diam 710ft / 216m, Kyushu Isle, Japan?? largest geodesic dome in world!]

[Nagoya Multi-purpose arena, Nagoya, Japan diam 614ft / 187m]

[Tacoma Dome, WA diam 530ft / 161.5m]

[Long Beach, CA]

[Long Beach, CA]

[Austin TX Superdome]

Manmade Monuments - Artistic:

[Montreal's Geodesic Sphere, The BioSphere - one of the largest I think, Montreal, Canada]

[Montreal's Leaning Tower, Montreal, Canada]

[Arc du Triumphe???, Paris, France]

[Eiffel Tower, 986 ft / 300m Paris, France]

[Strange building in Paris near Eiffel Tower, Paris, France]

[Disney Epcot Center Geodesic Sphere, Orlando, FL]

[Statue of Liberty, NY]

[Gateway Arch, World's Tallest Arch 630 ft / 192m, 1st tallest US monument, St. Louis, MO]

[San Jacinto Monument, World's Tallest Monumental Column 570 ft / 174m, 2nd tallest US monument, La Porte, TX]

[Washington Monument, World's Tallest Obelisk & Tallest freestanding stone building 555ft / 169m , 3rd tallest US monument, was World's tallest structure from 1884-1888, then Eiffel surpassed it - Washington, DC]

[Mt. Rushmore]

[Wright Bros. Memorial, Kitty Hawk, NC]

Manmade Monuments - Functional:

[Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge - Japan - longest suspension bridge in world 6529ft / 1991m]

[Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge = 2nd Bosphorus Bridge, Istanbul, Turkey 3576 ft / 1090 m]

[Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA 4200ft / 1280m]

[Hoover Dam, Boulder City, NV/AZ]

[Panama Canal, Panama]

[Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia]

[The Kremlin, Moscow, Russia]

[US Capitol Building, Washington, DC]

[VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building - NASA - Cape Canaveral, FL]


[Diamond Head - Ancient volcano, Oahu, HI]

[Montserrat - volcano]

[Mount Fuji (volcano) - Japan]

[Mt. Kilimanjaro??, Tanzania, Africa]

[Mount Rainier, WA]

[Mount St. Helens (volcano), WA]

[Mount Vesuvius?? (volcano) Italy]

Natural Wonders:

[Ancient Impact Crater-BullsEye! - Quebec]

[Another Ancient Impact Crater-BullsEye! - Quebec]

[Ayers Rock]

[Crater Lake, OR]

[Devil's Tower, WY]

[Grand Canyon – South Ledge]

[Grand Canyon, AZ = Phantom Ranch??]

[Lake Tahoe, NV-CA]

[Meteor Crater, AZ]

[Niagara Falls, NY]


[Blue Stuff in China-Mongolia]

[Disney World]

[Disney World Kuwait???]

[Interesting Water Park - Kuwait]

[Another big amusement park - Kuwait]

[Jockey's Ridge State Park, Kitty Hawk, NC - Largest Natural Sanddune on US East Coast]

[Kryptos - CIA]

[Las Vegas - Casino/Hotel]

[Mirage Hotel - Las Vegas]

[Luxor Casino - Las Vegas]

[Space Shuttle - NASA visitors center]

[Some Big Ass Radar Station???? Anchorage, AL]

[Washington, DC – main monuments]